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Divination Session

Divination Session

A divination session tailored to your needs may include many sacred tools, such as, crystals, pendulums, oracle and/or tarot cards, and sound tools.

  • Session Details

    • 60 minutes [ 1 hour ] session
    • In zoom video meeting.
    • A video recording of your detailed session.
  • Scheduling Your Session

    • At point of purchase you will be required to provide your name, phone number and e-mail for a zoom meeting to be scheduled.
  • Terms Of Service

    • All sessions require a 7 day notice for cancellation and refund.
    • The seven day notice begins 7 days prior to said date and time of scheduled session.
    • A private password will be given and you will have 3 days to download your personal session.
    • 3 days post session, the recording will be deleted from the server.
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